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A reporter found me online and came and did a story on us, we were in the local Medway News.


This is Barney, he wouldn't walk, we had to carry him, he is still a little scared of sudden noises, and doors, but he has a life of riley now, as you can see from the photo, he lives in Walderslade, Kent with  his new family, he has been adopted by a couple on our committee.


This is Sasha, scared of everything and everyone, she is the one that's come the furthest journey, she was a lost soul, one of our members is adopting her, lives in Chatham now with her new family, very confident now, and very cheeky, which is a very enduring side to her, cute how she crosses her legs.

4     5     6

This is Dino, when we brought him back to the UK, we let him off his lead in one of our gardens, took three of us to catch him, very, very nervous, so different now eight months on, full of confidence, very obedient, so happy now, he lives in Kensington with his new family, he goes for walks in Hyde Park, how cool is that.

7     8

This is our trusted old van we drive to Sardinia in to rescue the dogs, in the back ready for their trip last June is Diana, Skipper and Scruff, if only they knew they were going to a better place.


This is Scruff, this poor soul had a mouth full of bad teeth, and they were all loose, don't know how he survived in those kennels, they are fed hard food, and they have to fight for it, if they don't fight for it they don't get any, he had to have emergency dental treatment, he had to have them all out, he must have been in so much pain, but he was so much happier afterwards, we fed him on chicken. A lovely retired couple adopted him in Herne Bay Kent by the sea.

10     11

This is Bianco, he had a broken jaw, got some teeth missing at the bottom, but he is so handsome, he is living with his new family in Surrey,  photo on the right is Bianco now,  9 months after he was rescued, can't believe the difference in him.

12     13

This is lady with her best friend Molly, lady and Bianco shared the same kennel in Sardinia they have been adopted by two different families, but they still see each other.

14     15

This is Dominica, this poor soul is completely deaf, her and her friend another Dino have been adopted together, which was great news for both of them.

16     17

This is Dino, Dominica's friend, as you can see he loves to lay on the bed,  he and Dominica were adopted by the same family, which was great news.

18     19

This is Diana, her owner died in Sardinia, and the family didn’t want her so they put her in that awful kennels, but happy to say that she is now living in Brighton with her new family.

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